Our Vision

  • The vision of the Philippine-Emirates Private School is to prepare learners to become successful learners who are able to develop the skills and qualities necessary for learning, life, and work in the 21st Century.

Our Mission

  • To provide a safe, supporting and motivational environment that encourages learners to fulfill their potential across the school curriculum.
  • To provide the highest possible quality education using a motivating curriculum whereby learners are encouraged to fulfill their academic, creative, social, and physical potential.
  • To nurture responsible, resilient and resourceful learners who can confidently contribute to the school community in a variety of ways.
  • To embody a culture of cooperation, collaboration and respect which are fostered among all members of the school community.
  • Promote the cultural heritage and national identity.
  • To uphold the vision, mission, and values of the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision.
  • To equip the learners of the Philippine-Emirates Private School with the skills, attitudes and knowledge needed to become dynamic learners of the 21st century.
  • To provide contextualized learning that brings topics/learning domains to life so that learners are motivated to learn and able to understand the need for developing identified essential skills.
  • Develop an enlightened commitment to national ideals by discerning, preserving, and developing desirable traditions and values of the Filipino heritage.
  • To ensure the local community is represented and participates in the development of the school and its place within the Abu Dhabi landscape.
  • To prepare learners to be creative, effective; communicators, problem-solvers and critical thinkers.
  • To provide a clear focus on core and employability skills, and the ability to transfer them to different contexts, in particular the world of work.
  • To provide opportunities for work-related experiences, both inside and beyond the classroom.
  • To educate learners so they understand, respect and promote the local culture, religion And heritage of the United Arab Emirates.
  • To instill the confidence and knowledge needed for learners to become independent, lifelong learners.